Programs & Curriculum - Toddlers


The toddler years are an exciting time of physical activity, language acquisition and curiosity. While the job of one and two year olds is to solidify their sense of independence, they want and need a great deal of nurturing and comfort. Our teachers offer a thoughtful balance of freedom and support.
Still egocentric and unable to fully understand the feelings of others, toddlers rely on adults to model social skills and lovingly guide their behavior. Patient repetition and redirection are the primary ways we channel a toddler's early efforts to assert their independence. We encourage toddlers to test their emerging skills and independence in a safe and happy setting. Knowing "what comes next" is important to a toddler! To that end, we provide a predictable daily routine to help toddlers feel a sense of security and control. We offer abundant learning materials and opportunities to help your child grow and thrive.
We start to categorize broad periods of time to allow for "discovery learning". During these times toddlers explore a wide variety of materials, toys and activities and begin to play in small groups. 

We've chosen the internationally recognized HighScope™curriculum for your toddler.  This curriculum supports your child's development of skills and knowledge in six areas: 
► Approaches to Learning                                    ► Cognitive Development
► Communication, Language and Literacy            ► Creative Arts
► Physical Development and Health                      ► Social and Emotional Development

Teachers keep in mind the behaviors and skills expected at this stage of development as they plan each day. Some elements are: 

► offering daily opportunities for physical development through outdoor play and movement and musical     activities,
► working with families to set attainable goals for toilet training and other self help skills
► providing opportunities to imitate and pretend, exploring sounds and vocal pitch  
► expressing emotions and developing relationships with others
► exploring objects to take apart and put back together, filling and emptying,
► promoting language and literacy by asking questions, naming objects, reading books and pairing words with     sign language to increase vocabulary.



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