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Getting children "ready for school" starts in our Infant Program and culminates in Pre-Kindergarten. Think of it as a layering process with one skill built on another and then another. 4 and 5 year olds have become increasingly sophisticated thinkers. At this stage your child thrives on more complex stories, challenging science experiments, making predictions and increased creativity. We build on the "Plan-Do-Review" approach started in Preschool. The content of the Pre-K curriculum is more advanced with a stronger focus on language, communication, math and science skills. The delicate task of our teachers is to provide challenges unique to each child that stimulate problem solving and critical thinking. This is the case whether your 4 to 6 year old is in a mixed age group of three to six year olds or in a separate Pre-K classroom. 
We'll continue with the HighScope® Content Areas as the framework for our program. HighScope has been adopted by many school districts here and abroad and has received the endorsement of the Colorado Department of Education. HighScope's quality standards align with the departments' as the outline to the right lays out.
We also spend time on the everyday behaviors, manners and discipline that children need in school. We emphasize the importance of paying attention, listening carefully, promptness, working collaboratively with classmates, courtesy and kindness. If you like, we can help facilitate your child's transition to grade school by meeting with your child's future teacher. With your permission we can share portfolios and anecdotal information.



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HighScope Alignment with CO Dept. of Ed.