Programs & Curriculum - Infants


We know choosing a child care setting for your infant is an important decision. Since 1980 families have placed their trust and confidence in us. Our nurturing teachers create a warm and welcoming place. Through responsive care giving we send a clear message to each baby that they are unique and precious. We want to partner with you as your baby creates meaningful relationships with trustworthy teachers. Above all, we respect that the most important bond and attachment is the one between parents and children. 

A great way to partner together is to communicate each and every day. Let's put together a consistent plan that meets your baby's personal needs and nutrition, natural rhythms and moods and any other needs you may want addressed. We're eager to share the events of your child's day and are always just a phone call away.

We strive to offer an environment that is intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally stimulating.

Intellectually, babies search for meaning and patterns in their surroundings. We facilitate brain development by providing sensory experiences to help babies learn about textures, sights, sounds and colors. We expose infants to music and movement activities and introduce early literacy through reading and storybook animation. We use sign language not only to help with language acquisition but to give babies a way to express themselves.
We meet the physical and emotional needs of each infant promptly and lovingly.

As babies come to know their caregivers as supportive and consistent, they are comfortable to explore and discover. Infants learn with all of their senses and their bodies in full motion! Soon, an infant's repertoire of random movements becomes increasingly intentional .They start to make thoughtful choice about how to gather information. Babies are Active Learners! 



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